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Letter of recommendation

We can provide a personal letter of recommendation. Please find more information in the following pdf document.
Letter of recommendation_Halle_July_2015.pdf (37.2 KB)  vom 03.07.2015

Grade Recognition/ Learning Agreement

Here you find the requirements for Grade Recognition/Learning Agreement.
Grade Recognition_Halle_July_2015.pdf (41 KB)  vom 06.07.2015

Job/ PhD applications

Please find some conditions for job applications.
job applications_Halle_July_2015.pdf (38.8 KB)  vom 06.07.2015

Mandatory Guidelines for Academic Writing

Guideline for Academic Writing
Guidelines for Academic Writing_2_2.pdf (543.9 KB)  vom 25.09.2023

Style sheet
Style sheet Prof_Grieben.pdf (841.4 KB)  vom 21.11.2019

Topic Bachelor Thesis

Finding a topic for your bachelor thesis
Finding a BA thesis topc_March_2024.pdf (218.7 KB)  vom 14.03.2024

Proposal for BA thesis
Proposal for BA thesis_Grieben_March_2024.docx (33.3 KB)  vom 14.03.2024

Exposé für Bachelorarbeit
Exposé für Bachelorarbeit_Grieben_März_2024.docx (33.7 KB)  vom 14.03.2024